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Self Drive Minibus Hire

We know that there are people who are naturally low-key and private. They enjoy the company of their close friends or people they are familiar with, but they are not as open with people they have only met. It takes a while before they can warm up to new acquaintances, no matter how much assurance they get about their character. Take a group of people visiting the town of Kidderminster, for instance. They want to spend time together, but the minute they are in the company of a driver provided by the minibus hire company they've chosen, they instantly clam up. That is no way to enjoy a trip, now, is it?

That is the main reason why Minibus Hire Kidderminster cast its net wider, so to speak. Instead of concentrating solely on providing minibus hire with driver services, we also give our customers the option of driving themselves. That is, they choose someone among their group who will handle all the driving; our firm provides the vehicle.

Of course there are certain parameters to be met. The customers should first show proof that they are qualified to drive, and that they have the skills required to handle a minibus. After all, we shall provide the best kind of minibus there is, so it is only fair that we expect our customers to take very good care of it.

You will undoubtedly never regret getting the opportunity to drive any of our Kidderminster minibuses. Manufactured by the most reliable car makers, these minibuses are kept in top running condition by our team of technicians and engineers. Our maintenance workshop is where the action takes place: a minibus comes in, gets checked out, has even the slightest problem fixed, cleared for travel, and subsequently released to the customers. That way, the customers can rest easy in the knowledge that they would never have to worry that the minibus will break down on them or give them headaches.

Past customers who have tried our self drive minibus hire service have also been lauding our efforts at putting their comfort a top priority. The minibuses are kept spotless and clean, the seats are super comfortable and can be reclined way back, and the entertainment system installed is very impressive, indeed. Not even the smallest detail escapes our attention, because we also put in drinks coolers where passengers could keep their beverages chilled. One other notable tweak we made on our minibus would be the roof. Instead of just a plain roof, it has been altered and replaced with something that resembles a sliding door. Imagine yourself sliding the roof open and do your sightseeing while the minibus is moving.

Of course, Minibus Hire Kidderminster is also sensitive to our customers' concern about the cost. That is why we keep our rates very low. So low, in fact, that they happen to be the cheapest hire rates in all of Kidderminster.

No longer should you have to endure the presence of the driver – a complete stranger – and feel as though someone is eavesdropping on your conversations. If you are here in town on business, you can discuss sensitive business matters with confidence if you avail of our self drive minibus hire service. We do not want you to have to spend your entire trip in discomfort, because with this service, you are the one in control of your whole travel experience. Trust Minibus Hire Kidderminster to help you achieve that.

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